KaVo ARCTICA Dental CAD/CAM System - one system, many benefits

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The ARCTICA Engine is especially suitable for dental practice that could like to expand their practice laboratory to accomplish more work and internal values creation. In the development of the ARCTICA, special attention was therefore paid to cost-effectiveness, high precision, flexibility and a simple operation by the dentist.

Cost-effective, fast and efficient – the Dental CAD/CAM System pays off for you and your dental practice

  • Wide range of indication possibilities for the dentist in the practice laboratory
  • Low service and maintenance costs for your dental practice: the modular design enables the dentist to easily change components in the practice laboratory such as electronic compartments, cooling lubricant pump and coolant, lubricant container – without the aid of a service technician. A clear benefit of the ARCTICA Engine for the dentist
  • Reliable workflow in the practice laboratory due to the simple logging in of KaVo material (ARCTICA elements) and tools RFID interface 
  • Durability: The tools have a special coating allowing a long service life and minimum wearing in the practice laboratory thus relieving the dentist

High precision – you will save time in your dental practice due to less postprocessing

What annoys the dentist more than wasting time due to tiresome postprocessing? This waste of time in the practice laboratory is due to a lack of precision in the systems.

Our dental CAD/CAM solution for the dentist

For dental technicians, KaVo's 5-axle technology makes the difference to conventional 3+1 axle systems in the dental laboratory: simultaneous 5-axle system with pivoting range of up to 25° for precise milling of complex geometries and undercuts as well retentive parts.

  • Do the 5-axle test and compare the precision for your dental laboratory. Compare the results of ARCTICA with other CAD/CAM prosthodontic possibilities for your practice laboratory! We will be glad to support you! Contact us!

Future security and flexibility – so that your investment in your dental practice will also pay off the day after tomorrow

  • Investment protection and future security due to material versatility for the dentist: soft zirconium oxide, titanium, glass-infiltrated ceramic, composites and wax for your practice laboratory
  • KaVo is the system provider for the dentist: all components from the KaVo CAD/CAM prosthodontic portfolio - from scanner, software, extensing to the ARCTICA/Everest Engine - are compatible in the practice laboratory
  • In addition: flexibly applicable due to open interfaces to conventional I/O and desktop scanners which can generate open STL data
  • Long-term availability of service parts for the dentist: electronic box, cooling lubricant container and pump, spindle, course and fine filter. The KaVo Customer Service for over 100 years now

Do you require further information or advice concerning the ARCTICA dentist solution for the practice laboratory? Then contact us. We will be glad to support you with information or will call you back without delay.

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